ImpactCEE you!

ImpactCEE you!


The fintech industry is changing very fast.User-friendly payments and freedom of shopping bring the technology to everyone’shome. The market growth also means a threat to the safety of data, which whenit comes to finances, our savings and payments is especially sensitive and should be protected.

Impact Fintech 2018 Day I

That’s why this November we attended the ImpactCEE Fintech2018 in Łódź as an exhibitor / startup, as well as a partner to the conference that brought together the top management in finances, technology and investors from all over the world to central Poland for two days.

To the BASTION Team, which also implements safe communication solutions in the financial world, itwas the first exposure of our products on such scale, as well as a chance toshow how they can protect our finances in the increasingly digital world.

BASTION at Impact Fintech 2018
From the left BASTION – switch to privacy

Passing the test

A thought came through our minds on the first day of the conference already: it’s a good thing that 5 of us came here (the rest of the team was busy working hard on the product development at the time). 5 people was the bare minimum to answer all the questions about BASTION Chat that wouldn’t leave us for the rest of the conference. We couldn’t complain about lack of interest. Good location of the booth, the eyecatching, memorable brand, the cybersecurity subject matter (and yeah, some snacks on the table, too) is how we ended up talking about BASTION without a break. Unlike the strictly fintech solutions, we were offering a tool that can com-bine different solutions and keep fintech, which is our data and money, safe.

The subject matter was hot and relevant, so there was no time for a lunch break. Our feast was the discussions. With banks, startups, investment funds and investors. With many of them, we had dedicated meetings in a separate room, during which we discussed the benefits of investing in us.

What was just as interesting was meetings with potential clients. They agreed with us that a dedicated instant messaging and data sharing channel that we’re offering and developing at BASTION is the future. The prom-ising conversations, both formal and less formal ones, give a good outlook of the near future. We also hope to soon inform about other crucial events in the history of BASTION.

Show time

That’s it about the conversations, but the most emotional parts was definitely Lukasz’s public pitch, when on the first day of the conference he got his 3 minutes on the circular startup stage. We were proud to understand the level we had gotten to together, as well as all the work that was still ahead of us. Luke was faced with applause. Another experience for us. To pitch about BASTION to such a large and fine crowd, that was quite a challenge!

Ready for challenge!

The second day of the conference seemed a little calmer, we got a chance to watch some of the speeches. There were also some talks around business zones. We participated in speeches and workshops. Among those that stuck in our memories the most were the UX design and sprint organization workshops. The ImpactCEE workshops were run by practitioners who were happy to share their knowledge. Nothing too fancy, which is something we’re surely going to utilize when redesigning our BASTION Chat.

Be safe!

Grzegorz and Monika

In conclusion, we achieved a very successful networking, brought home a large influx of leads, set up few appointments and discussions on the areas of cooperation, shared our knowledge, learned from others, were invited to participate in a foreign accelerator revolving around one of European banks. People believed in our solutions and invited us to cooperate.
Be safe. Switch to privacy.

Impact Fintech 2018 BASTION Team:
– Monika Poniatowska (Good Ghost of Project / Product Owner)
– Grzegorz Staniak (Sales Director / Scrum Master)
– Jarek Rybus (CMO & PR)
– Łukasz Klejnberg (CEO & CTO)
– Piotr Powszuk (COO)



Grzegorz Staniak
Grzegorz Staniak Sales Director

I am responsible for organizing the sales department of the BASTION network worldwide.

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