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The last bastion of privacy


The dawn of safe Internet Our pictures, videos, lists of friends and relations with them, or even our thoughts expand external data servers. Even when not using the Internet – but is it even...

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BlockchainNext conference


On June 21, 2018, we were present at one of the largest conferences dedicated to Blockchain technology in Poland. The event took place at PGE Narodowy. Visitors from all over the world came from...

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To secure and to make money with one move…


In recent months, especially after the Facebook data leak scandal, the whole world got crazy about online security and privacy. Suddenly, we realized that the moment we publish any information about...

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A cost, an investment, or maybe a value?


During the Bastion presentation, there were several times when we heard an opinion that safety is most important – investment in security area. People we spoke with, directors and chairmen of...

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