Every person has the right to live, every person has the right to safety and that’s the law of nature.


Every person has the right to live, every person has the right to safety and that’s the law of nature.


BASTION Chain – will protect our identity

Satoshi Nakamoto has created a cryptography-based protocol that isn’t a cryptocurrency in itself but a data register that stores so-called block chains. The first blockchain implementation was the bitcoin (BTC) currency, the implementation of which was in a way a consequence of the economic and financial recession that was especially severe in America and had its pinnacle in 2008. The creation of BTC was a rebellion of a sort against unethical behavior among heads of states who were in charge of communities. Everyone started once again to ponder about the immateriality of today’s money or the validity of central banks, which are money issuers, the so-called credible third party that certifies that a currency is legitimate and accepted by society. That’s what bitcoin is as well – it’s a currency based on an accounting system and its register is publicly available, unlike fiat money. In general, the blockchain itself plays a much bigger role, as it opens plenty of development opportunities for many industry branches around the world, i.e. the chain can be fed business contracts, important documents, agreements, and all of this occurs in a system based on a consensus that is guaranteed and upheld by a community organized around the blockchain solution and manages the register as whole – it is simply not possible to commit fraud, it’s a distributed register that is stored in many places at the same time without limits.

The world as we see it keeps changing all the time, adapting to new realities. Currently we’re at the

transferring the humanity to the net stage
Jarek Rybus CMO & PR

which means that all of our data, pictures, social media, life, nearly everything is getting uploaded on the Internet. Thanks to this operation that we’re performing right now we will one day be able to live more comfortably, plus it is also a perfect moment as we are one step away from the next technological revolution, this time in the area of digitization. New technologies are being created for data transmission over public networks, the augmented reality is taking over the market, the Internet of Things is developing at an ultra-fast rate, and the deep learning machine is among the leading interests of the entire world of science, logistics and IT. We can see the need to build a global network with a communication standard that would allow it to connect the immensity of all that data, provide integrity and security of it, and most of all enable us to make use of its potential. In order for the world to be able to function properly in the future, we need to take adequate care of it, which means that it should be connected to that data to make it possible, simplicity is desirable here; the users, manufacturers, scientists and everyone else need to have an incredibly easy and secure access at every stage of life. It is inevitable and that’s what is going to happen. What we wish to build together with all of you won’t take a year, two or three years, it’s an enterprise and investment for years. BASTION will take part in a technological revolution. The connectivity of this kind can only be provided by the blockchain technology combined with hybrid solutions based on the BASTION Chain network and the BASTION Protocol communication protocol. Security, speed, stability and most of all decentralization of services – that’s the key to creating a new technological society.

BASTION Network will be an invisible technology that we’ll be using every day, something that today is called TCP/IP and Public Key Infrastructure.
Łukasz (Luke) Klejnberg CEO & CTO


Łukasz (Luke) Klejnberg
Łukasz (Luke) Klejnberg Co-Founder, CEO/CTO

I am responsible for the overall architecture of the BASTION Network and organisation culture. Co-creator of the largest messenger Gadu-Gadu (GG) for mobile devices. I am passionate about new technologies and analog photography.

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